Seventh Generation Corvette Neon Sign

Item #: CG3-XM787


This 31” x 18” x 6” neon sign features a backlit C7 Crossed Flags Emblem, with “Corvette” sculpted in hand-bent neon, with the entire fixture surrounded in brilliant and genuine neon tubing. Your purchase arrives completely assembled, ready for wall or shelf mounting. It comes equipped with a convenient On/Off pull switch and standard 110 volt 8’ electrical cord. Made in America, in inventory and will ship via guaranteed-safe ground delivery throughout the Continental US.

C7 Generation Neon Sign(s) Description/Specifications

• C7 Flag Emblem Backlit
• C7 Flag Emblem surrounded with neon tubing
• C7 “Corvette” font sculptured in hand-bent neon glass tubing
(or) C7 “Stingray” font sculptured in hand-bent glass neon tubing
• 110 watt power electric
• 8’ cord/convenient pull switch
• Signs(s) mounted on skeletal metal frame
• Shipped completely assembled/ready for wall or shelf mounting
• Shipped guaranteed-safe delivery in Continental US
• UL approved
• GM Licensed to AutoEtcNeon
• In inventory, shipped within 5 business days
• Sign(s): dimensions: 31” wide x 18” tall x 6” depth

Availability: In stock

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Seventh Generation Corvette Neon Sign

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